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Eastern literature is marked by the unique Eastern culture, traditions and philosophy which has also profoundly influenced the Western literature. One of the best examples are the Jewish and Arabic literary works, the influence of which can be found all over the world, not only in the Western literary art. But as a result of the world becoming more closely connected, other Eastern literary forms and styles have found their way into the Western market as well and opened a whole new world to the Western readers.

Of Eastern literatures, the Jewish literature has influenced the development of literary art in the West the most. The Hebrew Bible which was written sometime between the 10th and 6th centuries BCE became the basis for the Christian Bible which has changed the Western culture and literature forever. Similar affect achieved the Qur’an, the most important and the finest example of Arabic literary art which has profoundly influenced the literary development in the Muslim world as well as in countries that used to be under Muslim control. The influence of the Jewish and Arabic literatures on the world’s literary art, however, extends beyond ancient literary works. Many works and authors from all historical periods received a major international attention and are regularly listed among the greatest masterpieces of all times such as the One Thousand and One Nights and the Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank for instance.

As a result of limited contacts, Japanese, Chinese and Indian literatures caught the attention of the Western world relatively late. Despite that, many works and authors received a huge success on the international literary scene, while their popularity tends to be on the rise because they offer a unique insight into the Far Eastern philosophy, culture and mentality which is strikingly different from that in the West. The greatest attention are receiving philosophical literary works by prominent philosophers and thinkers although Japanese, Chinese and Indian prose and poetry are increasingly being translated into many languages as well.

Easternbooks.co.uk will introduce you to the Eastern literature and help you choose a book which you will enjoy reading, can give as a memorable graduation gift or birthday gift and open your horizons. Together, we will go through the development of the main Eastern literatures over time, and the most prominent works and authors. All the discussed Eastern literatures – Jewish, Arabic, Indian, Chinese and Japanese have produced a wealth of works which enable you to discover a whole new world. We hope to bring the Eastern literature closer to you and make the choice of your next book a little bit easier.